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AHHHHH-MAZING!!!!!!! Thank you so so so so much! These could not be more perfect! I am so thankful for all of your time and care. This is SO valuable to my business. You are a superstar.

For Sarah’s, from Muka Portraits, brand Photography session, the focus was on how she services her clients by giving them the quintessential “Sarah” experience.  Sarah is a brilliant family photographer based in Bayside, Melbourne.  She really sets herself apart, not only from her connected, beautiful photography, but by also making the experience seam free and professional.  Right from the time of booking until she delivers her print products, Sarah’s clients are provided with her genuine warmth and care.

It was important that these aspects come across in her branding session, and we devised the best plan possible to ensure her warmth, professionalism, care and strong sense of family was shown.  We included real aspects of her day to day life, like the fact that her family are often around as she collates prints.  We also carefully considered locations that her ideal client would likely know and be able to see themselves in.  All of these working on the aspect of know, like and trust.  The more Sarah uses these images to connect with her ideal client, the more they can feel they know her, like her, trust her, and also then become an actual client.  We chose a well known local Bayside cafe with a central position, which also had her brand colours, to meet her sales associate, who is also a crucial component in the client experience.

Often it can be daunting to think of what to include in your branding session, as it’s not just a gallery of headshots in different locations.  The story requires considered planning, and that’s where I can really help develop a plan.  Now Sarah has a complete brand story of which she can draw from, to talk about any topic.

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