Mem Hockley Gold Coast Brand Photography

OMG Milina!!! Those photos are incredible!! I can’t believe how amazing they are!! You’ve inspired me to myself! You are just perfect for me and my work.
Gold Coast Brand Photography

Mem is a multi passionate business owner, like myself.  Driven by so much purpose on making a difference to those who affect her.

Mem founded Mem’s Soul Food charity for girls, Mem’s Soulfood Media Productions, and Rainbow Warriors Women in Business.

The thread that ties all of these brands together is Mem herself.  She has previously been running all of these brands seperately, and finally, after 12 years of progress, she was able to fine tune, and bring them all together under the one umbella.  Her branding look is all around rainbows, so if you see Mem, you can be guaranteed there will be a rainbow involved.  Incorporating rainbows to emphasise her brand look was  a key focus during our branding shoot.

As her brand was so diverse, we looked at all the ways in which she interacts with each of her clients, and devised a shot list around that.  Key points included work, filming, food and selfcare.

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