storytelling (1 of 1)-8

Do your photos tell stories? Day seven of my week of sharing a documentary style photo from my personal collection.

This is an image that I obviously didn’t take, and it’s the one image from my week of story telling images that I’m in.

This photo is one of my very favourite and treasured photos. It has travelled the world with me. It has decorated bedroom walls in New Zealand, London, and now lives on my office space wall in Australia.

I can’t be sure of the exact time that this photo was taken. I was probably about 3 or 4, and my Mum or Dad may remember the story of the actual day. But for me this is the story of me and my Dad. We are in the back yard of our home, where, as a family we would spend days playing cricket and swinging on the clothes line. I remember my Dad sitting this way a lot, always with a hat. Always. Fritz, our dog beside him. Dad has most likely just come home from working in the timber yard, and to this day the smell of timber always makes me think of Dad. I love the smell of cut timber.

But what I love most is Dad’s face. This is a story of my Dad, looking on at his little girl wearing his work boots with love and joy in his face. I’m not sure who took this photo, I’m guessing it was my Mum, but I am truly grateful that this moment was captured. That I will always have this, and although I can’t remember this moment, I know a great story, part of my story, through this one image.

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