I always have good intentions when I take my camera out to document our family moments.  I’ve filled hard drives with hundreds of photos and video footage, and I know I am not alone when I say that the majority of these files just sit on those hard drives.  I’m also sad to say that I have had hard drive failure and have lost some of these images.  (BACK UP PEOPLE!!!)
But it’s never too late to get those memories off the hard drives and into places where they can be held by your family and flicked through pages, or, in this case, made into a little film, that your family can watch over and over again.
I’ve set myself a few goals this month to get some family films made.  Not new films though.  Films that I had intentions of putting together months ago.  Films that have been sitting on my hard drive in the form of hundreds of single files and footage.
This is a story of a day we spent at the beach back in January this year.  Putting it together though, I realised that it really is more than that.
It’s a story of when my eldest daughter still had no front teeth.
It’s a story of when my son couldn’t make swing himself on the swing.
It’s a story of when my youngest daughter had not yet cut her hair.

Remember, it’s never too late to get your images, or your stories, into ways that can be shared with your family.

Now to start working on my film from Autumn 2014!

If you’d like me to document your story, and put it together in print form, video form, or both.  Give me a yell.  I love telling stories.

Tahnee 13:24 October 15, 2015 Reply
Summer daaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyssss!! So great - and so strange seeing Mila with all her long hair! And so true - everything you said - my list of films waiting for me is scary..! xx